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Right now is the best time in history to take the leap into becoming a Digital Nomad. Stop dreaming, start living. The time is now. Your dream life awaits.

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The course modules...

Introduction & Mindset

Learn what drove us to the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Find your why, identify your limiting beliefs, and prime your mindset. Mindset is 80% of the battle when accomplishing your goals. We'll walk you through the process we use to accomplish our biggest goals. We share 10+ years of mindset coaching to help you break through and succeed.

Remote Work

We share practical advice for remote workers from making sure your job stays remote to securing a remote job. We walk you through the templates we used to negotiate with our bosses. We take a deep dive into leveraging time zones, finding the best WiFi, structuring your day for success, and everything else you need to be a successful remote worker. 


Choose your perfect destination. Find the best accommodations. We cover all the travel logistics you need to know to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Download our itinerary & budgeting templates for your future travels. PLUS: We'll walk you step-by-step through booking a flight and an Airbnb using our little-known travel hacks. 

Insider Tips

Want to move to Colorado? How about Hawaii? We share exactly what you need to finally make the move happen. Which neighborhoods suite you best? How do you ship your car? Where are the best spots? We've got you covered. This section will be constantly updated to include advice for Bali, Europe, and more places where we'll stay as Digital Nomads.

Going Beyond This Course

We lay out the next steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. We offer continued accountability through monthly live group coaching calls, 1-1 access, and a private community of other Digital Nomads on the same journey. We know this lifestyle is possible for you and we are committed to help you make it a reality!

How to Become a Content Creator

What stands out on social media these days? Navigate the differences between each social media algorithm. We share how we went from 0-76k on Instagram in 2 years while working our full time tech jobs. We also share our top strategies for how to build your personal brand, refine your photography/ videography, and work with brands. 


Ganesh A.

Product Manager, Digital Nomad in Paris

"Raw, real, and easy to digest! Mahna and Mateo help shine a light on the ins and outs of the digital nomad lifestyle. The information in the course has value for a wide range of people. From the person that’s interested in travel to the person that’s just starting their travel journey, there are gems of knowledge for everyone. This course is a “must” because it helps illuminate the path to becoming a digital nomad and opens your mind to a new lifestyle like never before. With the combination of Mahna’s sun like energy and the course being gold, this was a no brainer."

Diana M.

Machine Learning Engineer, Digital Nomad in Mexico

"The most inspiring and well thought out course I've ever done! Mahna and Mateo are the dream team. The focus on mental intention and goal setting pushed me to build my own lifestyle and live the digital nomad lifestyle! After that, they had an answer to literally every question I have about the journey. I can't recommend this course enough. Thank you for changing my life :)"

This course is for you if...

- You work from home but wish you could travel

- You feel stuck, drained, feeling like you’re wasting your time

- You're going through the motions and can feel life is passing you by

- You’re terrified of reaching the next decade with nothing to show for it

- You know there is more to life


...does this sound like you?

Now picture this!

- You have the freedom to work from anywhere you dream of

- You can make travel a part of your lifestyle

- You can live your dreams now instead of waiting for one day

- You have an amazing community of like-minded Digital Nomads on the same journey with you

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Who Am I?

Mahna Ghafori

I'm a 26 year old photographer, videographer, and owner of 

Born and raised just outside Washington DC, I started working for a prestigious consulting firm after graduating from college but found myself feeling stuck and drained in an office. 

Since then I've lived in Colorado and Hawaii as a Digital Nomad with my fiancé and business partner, Mateo. I am now living my dream life filled with travel and location independence. My mission is to guide you towards achieving your dreams so you can live your most extraordinary life!

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